Amalfi Sun & Body Oil

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Made with organic and natural ingredients. 

With the sun, Amalfi oil will help you to accelerates your natural tan, intensifies it and makes it last longer. It can also be use to give to your skin the perfect glow and a deep hydration. 

Amalfi is perfect to add to your suncare routine. The combination of the natural ingredients will protect your skin from environmental damage while boosting your melatonin production to give you the perfect golden tan. 

Vegan, cruelty-free & made in Canada. 

100 ml 

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☼ With the sun : After sunscreen, apply all over the body to boost, intensify & extend your tan.

☼ Without the sun : will provide an instant glow & a deep hydratation to your skin.

HERO ingredients

🥥 Coconut Oil : Accelerate the tanning process, give a deep moisture to your skin & protects it.

Urucum : prepare your skin for sun exposure. Stimulates the production of melanins and rich in beta-carotene, which provides a perfect tan.

🌵 Cactus : Slow down skin aging, boost the collagen production & elasticity.

🌾 Wheat Germ oil : rich in Vitamin E, protects your skin from the damage of the sun and it make it look younger.

Caprylic Trigliceride, coco caprylate, coconut oil, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, buriti oil, shea butter, cactus extracts, coconut fragrance, urucum powder, vitamin E

Only 9 ingredients.

Why Amalfi ?

Golden tan

An instant glow & achieve a deeper tan. 

Hydrated & healthy skin

Enriched with cactus extracts & Vitamin E.

For every skin types.

Even for the most sensitive of skin types.

Natural ingredients

95% of natural, organic & raw ingredients.

Vegan & Cruelty-free

100% vegan & only tested on babes around the world.

Fast absorbs

It won't feel greasy baby.

A golden tan made by us.

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